Creation of the European micro and family business service design hub platform for fostering a sustainable digitalized economy.

Execution Period: 12/2021 to 05/2024 (on going)

Approved Budget: 242.609€


An innovative approach to directly help family and micro-enterprises in creating greater value through Service Design (SD) methodology.

SeDiHUB aims to upskill micro&family enterprises, by developing a tailor-made training content, to employ Service Design (SD) to develop sustainable and digitalized services.

The project involves:

Development of tailor-made training methodology and content.
Learning, Teaching, Training (LTT) activities.
Creation of online learning platform for service design skills.
Guide for the creation of a micro&family business hub, with a set of digital toolkits and recommendations.


Multidisciplinary training approach and modular curriculum including training methodology for micro and family enterprises’.
Online learning platform with SD toolbox and gamified resources.
Comprehensive guide (digital toolkits) for the creation of a micro&family business hub.


Mittetulundusühing Forwardspace – Estonia
CEDES – Portugal
FOAAL – Estonia
University of Patras (UPatras) – Greece
SIEC Finland – Finland
CARDET – Ciprus
Forwardspace – Estonia
FYG – Spain



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