Regions for climate change resilience through Innovation, Science and Technology

Execution Period: 01/2023 – 12/2027 (on going)

Approved Budget: 25 M€


RESIST has emerged from the need to make regions more resilient to climate change. The project will test climate change adaptation (CCA) solutions in four EU regions: Southwest Finland, Central Denmark, Catalonia and Central Portugal. Know-how and adaptation pathways will be transferred from the four demonstrator regions to eight twinned regions through mutual-learning activities and immersive digital twins.

The project will engage 12 European regions with different socioeconomic profiles that will test adaptation solutions to five key climate challenges: floods, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires, and soil erosion.

O projeto envolve:

Exchange of experience and transfer of know-how from more experienced to less experienced regions.
Use of Graphical Digital Twin (GDT) to provide additional information and decision support.


New regional measures, policy instruments and social and technological solutions in 12 regions involving 22 million citizens.
Increase the regions’ resilience by 10%.
Increase green investment levels by 20%.
Reducing economic losses due to hazards such as flooding by 14%.
Reduce the lack of climate protection by 50%.
Go-to-market of 100 new Climate Change solutions.


11 national partners

45 european partners


HORIZON Innovation Actions – European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)

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