Low Carbon Innovation

Low carbon transregional innovation network (Portugal – Spain) for the promotion of business development services

based on circular and low carbon models.

Execution Period: 10/2015 to 12/2018

Approved budget: 1M€


Create and launch a low carbon transregional network in order to allow the development of the regions business involved in terms of sustainable growth.


Micro, small and medium-sized companies in the region, as well as entrepreneurs, received the resources to develop and implement competitive, sustainable and ecological business ideas.


Key-issues consulting for companies and entrepreneurs to competitive development, providing companies with solutions, including technology
Support and advice on new services launching, and competitive and sustainable business ideas
Green investments promotion
Identification of successful cases and good practices in the territory, linked to a sustainable low carbon economy
Creation of an app for the dissemination of content related to Eco innovation


Fundación EOI (ES), Fundación Universidade da Coruña, Fundación (ES), Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León (ES), Agência Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Alto Minho (PT), CEDES (PT)



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