Urban network for the Aveiro city’ digital transformation and economic development ,

through IoT / 5G technology and STEAM training fullfilling to the needs of the region.

Execution Period: 11/2018 to 11/2021 (closed)

Approved budget: 4.9M€


Implement a new STEAM approach (science technology engineering arts and mathematics) in the city’s educational offer, capable of responding to the future needed skills and qualifications of the region, including the creation of a Responsive Observatory with the analysis and creation of courses adapted to these needs.

The project also intends to make Aveiro an experimental city for 5G technology, using it for the economic transition, based on knowledge and digital platforms, and for the creation of new companies and qualified jobs.

The launch of challenges for the city – Aveiro Urban Challenges – in areas as diverse as MOBILITY, ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY, SOCIAL ACTION, among others, has allowed start-ups and technological entities to present solutions and take advantage of the installed technological infrastructure, to implement pilots and validate their solutions / services.

The project envolves:

34 ICT companies in the Aveiro region (employing over 1300 workers);
More than 3000 students, who will benefit from Technological Laboratories and the STEAM educational program;
5 km2 supported by 13 kilometers of fiber;


Implement a digital urban platform based on IoT technology to support the city management;
Develop an innovative 5G / IoT infrastructure, capable of integrating public agencies, academic-scientific agents and companies;
Implement the 34 Technological Laboratories and an STEAM educational program


Aveiro City, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Altice Labs, Universidade de Aveiro, INOVARIA, CEDES.



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